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In some applications such as high speed grinding metalworking fluid emulsions hardly get to the contact point between tool and workpiece. This leads to insufficient lubrication and therefore to excessive wear and higher processing costs.

Our wetting agents, or wetting surfactants, help to avoid this phenomenon and increase lubrication at the contact point. They show excellent performance in oil-based and water-based metalworking fluids and are applicable in metal cleaner formulations, too.

The Industrial Lubricant Additives segment of Evonik Industries offers wetting agents based on both organomodified siloxane (OMS) and purely organic chemistry. OMS based wetting agents perform exceptionally well in reducing the surface tension of metalworking fluid emulsions.Our alcohol alkoxylates on the other hand are slightly less effective compared to siloxane-based wetting agents, but they better withstand extreme conditions like high or low pH values. In addition they show a lower foaming tendency compared to simple sulfosuccinates. 

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Product Overview "Additives for Metalworking and Industrial Fluids"

Overview about our product portfolio of antifoams, emulsifiers, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors for metalworking and industrial fluids.