Emulsifiers for metalworking fluids

Emulsifiers for metalworking fluids

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Evonik emulsifiers for metalworking fluids are environment friendly, non ionic emulsifiers mainly based on glycerol fatty acid ester and sorbitanester chemistry. In general, glycerol fatty acid ester based products are used as primary emulsifiers which also improve lubrication, whereas sorbitanester based products are used as co-emulsifiers.

Their main benefits are: 

  • Excellent emulsifying and stabilizing properties

  • Good lubricating properties 

  • High solubility in base oils 

  • Excellent toxicological, ecological and dermatological properties (no skin irritation) 

  • Based on renewable resources 

  • Low water hazard classification (WGK 1) 

  • Low foaming tendency 

  • Good heat stability

Our products can be used with most base oils. To do so, emulsifiers with precisely adjusted HLB values are needed. This can be achieved by blending emulsifiers with appropriate co-emulsifiers.

Our regional technical service will assist you in finding the right formulations. Rely on our long-standing experience and know-how and save valuable time.

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Brochure Emulsifiers 16:9
Brochure "Emulsifieres for Metalworking Fluids"

In water miscible metalworking fluid  formulations, emulsifiers constitute one of the most essential components. As an integral part of metalworking fluid concentrates, emulsifiers enable stable selfemulsification of the concentrate when diluted in water.

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Overview about our product portfolio of antifoams, emulsifiers, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors for metalworking and industrial fluids.