Mineral base oils used so far, are increasingly substituted by higher quality base oils with reduced amount of aromatic constituents. As a consequence, it will be even more difficult to incorporate additives in neat oils as well as in emulsifiable metalworking fluid concentrates. Evonik has developed a broad range of additive that can be used in combination with modern base oils. 

These products are being used in a wide variety of transmission oil & industrial fluids. They do not only provide excellent lubricity improving properties but also good solvency for lipophilic/ crystalline components and offer a very high polarity and low spreadability while improving the long-term & low-temperature stability of neat oils & emulsifiable MWF concentrates.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Diamine complexes
  • Synthetic ester oils derivatives
  • Polyglycerol fatty acids
  • Polygycol esters

In addition to conventional test method, lubricity specific tests such as the Mini-Traction Machine (MTM) from PCS Instruments as well as the Tapping Torque Test (TTT System) from Labtest G8 have been used.