A broad portfolio of FOAM CONTROL AGENTS

Our antifoams are suitable for water miscible fluids and neat oils. They can be used in metalworking fluid concentrates and as tank defoamers.

Antifoams of our Lubricant Additives segment exhibit extraordinary stability and filterability, thus providing excellent long term antifoaming properties and leading to major cost savings. They are based on either mineral oils, vegetable oils, silicone oils or organomodified siloxanes (OMS), which are our core competence.   

While organic antifoams show excellent compatibility but moderate efficiency, silicone-oil based antifoams offer high efficiency with often poor compatibility. Our specialty antifoams based on OMS provide the best of these two worlds - high compatibility combined with excellent performance. As an example, organomodified siloxane-based antifoams do not cause any detrimental effects in the finishing processes of treated parts, which are typical for silicone oil-containing antifoams.

In our regional competence centers we are able to design the properties of antifoams, such as compatibility and efficiency (function of surface activity), in order to meet your specific requirements. Long term stability of antifoams in metalworking fluid formulations must be achieved in order to minimize the addition of tank side antifoams.


  • TEGO® Antifoam 691 & TEGO® Antifoam 692 - Highly efficient pre-defoamers based on OMS of brand new structure, which provide excellent foam knock down and hold down as well as outstanding long-lasting defoaming persistence
  • TEGO® Antifoam 793 - As pre-defoamer highly compatible with MWF concentrates. Applied as tank side additive it provides outstanding foam knock down and long-lasting defoaming persistence
  • SURFYNOL® DF-110-L - Applicable for pre and post-defoaming with a long lasting effect. Completely silicon / siloxane free defoamer


Brochure "Antifoams for Metalworking Fluids"

The foam control agents of Evonik are designed to avoid the formation of foam and ensure optimal product performance. Based on more than 50 years of experience in defoaming technology and in the production of organomodified siloxanes, our defoamers set the benchmark for performance in terms of efficiency, compatibility and durability.

Product Overview "Additives for Metalworking and Industrial Fluids"

Overview about our product portfolio of antifoams, emulsifiers, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors for metalworking and industrial fluids.