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Our market segment is specialized on surface-active additives that improve the performance of metalworking fluids – water miscible and non water miscible. We offer a broad range of foam control agents, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents. Our aim is to provide superior solutions to the formulating industries.

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Our antifoams are suitable for water miscible fluids and neat oils. We are able to design the properties of antifoams such as compatibility and efficiency (function of surface activity) to meet your specific requirements.

The REWOCOROS® brand is comprised of a broad range of multifunctional corrosion inhibitors for the formulation of water-based metalworking fluids and water-miscible, non-flammable hydraulic fluids.

Environmentally friendly nonionic emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers for metalworking fluids, which combine outstanding performance with excellent toxicological, ecological and dermatological properties.

Evonik has developed a broad range of additives that can be used in combination with modern base oils.

The Industrial Lubricant Additives segment of Evonik Industries offers wetting agents based on both organomodified siloxane and purely organic chemistry.


Product Overview "Additives for Metalworking and Industrial Fluids"

Overview about our product portfolio of antifoams, emulsifiers, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors for metalworking and industrial fluids.