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Corrosion Inhibitors

Metal protection through corrosion inhibition

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The REWOCOROS® brand comprises a broad range of multifunctional corrosion inhibitors for the formulation of metalworking fluids and non-flammable hydraulic fluids.

These products are being used in soluble oils, semi and full synthetic fluids as well as cleaners. They do not only provide excellent corrosion inhibition but additional benefits such as co-emulsifying or wetting properties or lubricity enhancement. We also offer products that are suitable for the processing of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. 

Our portfolio includes  
  • Fatty acid amides
  • Boric acid blends 
  • Carboxylic acid derivatives 
  • Alkanol amides 
  • Phosphoric acid esters
In addition to the conventional test methods like the filter chip test or the bimetallic corrosion coupon test Evonik uses the impedance spectroscopy in order to evaluate customer needs and develop new solutions.

Product listing

  • ADOGEN® 172
    Oleyl amine
  • ADOGEN® 442 PG
    Dihydrogenated tallow dimethyl ammonium chloride
  • ADOGEN® 462-75
    Dicoco dimethyl ammonium chloride
  • ADOGEN® 570 S
    Tallow diamine
  • ADOGEN® 572
    Oleyl diamine
    (* only available in The Americas) - Multifunctional corrosion inhibitor for water based metal working fluids. Excellent co-emulsifying properties, free of secondary amines.
  • REWOCOROS® AC 101*
    (* not available in the USA) Multifunctional corrosion inhibitor for water miscible metalworking fluids. Excellent co-emulsifying properties, suitable for ferrous metals and zinc-coated metals, contains free amounts of monoethanolamine, but is free of secondary amine.
    Multifunctional corrosion inhibitor for water based metal working fluids with excellent co-emulsifying properties.
    Multifunctional corrosion inhibitor for water miscible metalworking fluids. Suitable for aluminum alloys as well as for ferrous metals depending on what kind of neutralizing agent is used. Excellent aluminum corrosion inhibition even in low alkaline systems. Provides excellent EP/AW properties, both in water miscible and non-water miscible systems.
  • VARONIC® K-202
    Amine alkoxylate
  • VARONIC® K-202 LC
    PEG 2 cocoamine
  • VARONIC® K-202 P
    PPG 2 cocoamine
  • VARONIC® K-205
    PEG 5 cocoamine
  • VARONIC® K-215
    PEG 15 cocoamine
  • VARONIC® S-202
    PEG 2 stearyl amine
  • VARONIC® T-202
    PEG 2 tallow amine
  • VARONIC® T-202 P
    PPG 2 tallow amine
  • VARONIC® T-205
    PEG 5 tallow amine
  • VARONIC® T-215
    PEG 15 tallow amine


Brochure Corrosion Inhibitors 16:9 Brochure "Corrosion Inhibitors for Metalworking Fluids"

Corrosion inhibitors marketed by Evonik  under the trade name REWOCOROS® exhibit excellent corrosion inhibition properties for steel, iron, aluminum, and other metals. Typically REWOCOROS® products are  offered as compounds based on fatty acid amides, alkanolamides, boric acid or imidazolines.

MWF Product Overview 16:9 Product Overview "Additives for Metalworking and Industrial Fluids"

Overview about our product portfolio of antifoams, emulsifiers, wetting agents and corrosion inhibitors for metalworking and industrial fluids.